Sound Design Bio

Patrick is an international award-winning sound designer and composer for live and digital productions. He has worked with a wide range of collaborators from the performing arts, corporate and not-for profit area fluent in various musical styles, merging live and electronic music. Over the course of 25 years he has composed music and/or designed sound for the following companies:  Bard on the Beach, UBC Theatre, School for the Contemporary Arts, Electric Company Theatre, Touchstone, Arts Club Theatre, University of Florida, UCLA Long Beach, Theatre La Seizieme, Dancers Dancing, Dances for a Small Stage, Felix Culpa, Western Theatre Conspiracy, Pi Theatre, Boca Del Lupo, Erasga Dance Co., CBC Radio & Television, Studio 58, Dances for a Small Stage, Vancouver Playhouse, Vancouver Opera, Silver Lining Productions, DDB, Touchstone Theatre, Blackbird Theatre, Translink BC, Arts Club Theatre, Magnetic North Theatre Festival, Green Thumb Theatre, The Virtual Stage, Bravo Television, Mandala Arts, Amnesty International, and more…. Patrick works regularly with interdisciplinary sound artist Sheinagh Anderson. To read and listen go here, listen to music for theatre go here, for dance here and for video here.