The writings,  videos, links and music on this blog are an extension of my collaborative work as an interdisciplinary designer and co-creator of interactive experiences that traverse the virtual and ‘real-world’—defined in the co-design of theatrical experiences focusing on the role(s) of sound and the practice of teaching, research and writing in digital media contexts. I co-construct worlds that extend physical stages to virtual arenas. Integrated values include persistent engagement, disruptive play, humour, prototyping, and user-centred design, integrating various interdisciplinary performative perspectives (dance, theatre, music, installation, virtual performance, teaching, hybrids, games) across disciplines (performing arts, business, interactive design and law). The types of research I engage in include product design-driven research, theoretical research, market research, reflective practitioner research, educational research including Case Study and Action Research and knowing-in-action based research in the areas of sound, user-testing, prototyping and collaborative design.

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