Improv Bio

Dr. Pennefather has been developing the craft of teaching improv to support digital media pipelines including VR, AR, MR, games and mobile applications for the past 10 years. He’s facilitated improv sessions with EA Canada, Microsoft Big Park and at the Master of Digital Media Program, mentoring teams to manage real-world project pipelines with clients like Blackbird Interactive, Roadhouse, Finger Foods, Archiact, FirePoint, EA Redwood, Kabam, Microsoft, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, UBC School of Journalism, SIAT, Conquer Mobile and many others. He draws from 25 years experience as an improvising musician, professional clown, writer and improv comedian. He’s conducted play shops and interactive talks of all varieties at SXSW, IndieCade, GDC, Japanese Gaming Conference in Vancouver, and China Joy. He’s toured China supporting an initiative by Crystal CG to provoke startups and MSE’s to develop a strategic plan for innovation that intersects the digital. Pennefather is currently writing a book on Improv in Digital Media Production Environments to be IndieGoGo’d in early January 2018.