Case Studies: Interactive Digital Media Artifacts

Case studies (100-150 pgs.) were part of the final ‘deliverable’, along with an interactive digital prototype of 13- week projects supervised at the MDM Program (game, mobile, installation, video and web apps) for real-world clients. Documentation generally consisted of a problem statement, problem(s) to solve, research, executive summary, methods, and applying a user-centered methodology. The documents detailed all the features and their associated disciplines (art, programming, design, management, user-testing) that contributed to the design. A reflexive process for each learner included how they contended with creative and collaborative challenges, ill-structured problems, etc.. Various phases of prototypes have been captured using photography and video. (Available upon client permission due to NDA’s). The video below shows a typical project development process that I have facilitated.

Below is a list of all the case studies with links to each project. 


**Nognz Brain App, Nognz, Unity 3D iPad app.

Maestros of the Anthymn, String Theory Entertainment, Unity 3D Companion iPad app.

**Toyota Interactive Ride, Elevator Marketing/Toyota Canada, Unity 3D iOS advergame.


Chubby Bumpers, EA Redwood Shores, Unity 3D Multi-Player (4) game.

Mirage, Blackbird Interactive, Unity 3D OS single player game.

Road Less Travelled, Roadhouse Interactive, in-car mobile Unity 3D app.

**Maestros of the Anthymn, String Theory Entertainment, Unity 3D RPG


Balance, First Nation Technology Council/Roadhouse Interactive, Unity 3D iPad game

*Timber, UBC School of Journalism, HTML5 interactive award-winning website

IDEASS project. UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability(CIRS), Unity 3D interactive architectural decision-making application for large screen


**Kindamals, V7 Entertainment, Unity 3D iPad Children’s App.

**Bingo, Roadhouse Interactive, HTML5 Multi-Player Bingo game(featured on

XBOX Avatar Games, Microsoft, C++ environment xbox avatar mini-games

**Monsterholic, Skybox Lab Games, Unity 3D iPad Card Game for kids.


**Keep Cool, DreamRider, Flash Interactive Narrative for Live Show

Krate Expectations, Exploding Barrel Games, Unity 3D OS side-scroller.

Sage, UBC Learning Exchange, Web-based Visualization for CBR.

*Man Up Canada, Men’s Health Initiative of British Columbia, Web-based video.

Facebook Game, Ubisoft Games, Facebook API monetization and reward of existing game.


Curate your own Collection, Kelowna Museums, Web-Based Interactive 3D site.

*Digital Decisions, Media Awareness Network, e-learning game.

Colab, MDM Program, Design Thinking Processes for digital media teams.

Answer Tool, Canadian Institute of Health Research, interactive website.

*TaxiCity, Microsoft/City of Vancouver, open data web-based game.

Precipice, U.S. Department of Energy, Unity 3D disaster scenario interactive narrative game.

Virtual Rainforest, Pacific Wild, Interactive Smart Board modules.

*Womp, Microsoft Game Studios, XBOX live indie games.

Carbon Chaos, Translink, Unity 3D educational game.

*Project Blue Sky, Cultural Olympiad 2010/City of Victoria, social game.


**D.Sign, InTransit BC, Interactive Signage in Skytrain stations.

Virtual Student Aid Machinimas, Student Aid BC, Instructional Video.

**V-Track, InTransit BC, Virtual train ride.


*UBC Fisheries Project, UBC Department of Fisheries, Dynamic visualization of fish data of the Gulf of Mexico for decision making atOcean Summits.


*award-winning games, mobile applications and interactive website

**developed into professionally published games, apps, video and interactive websites