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Sound Design for Interactive Mini-Theatre

The challenge to reinvent the stage for theatrical design has resulted in more interactive and immersive experiences. The selections below represent a wide range of work and these examples, part of a body of work presented at Hive in Vancouver (a unique offering of mini-pieces in the same warehouse space and rotating small audiences) represent one future of theatre and are a prototype for crossdisciplinary research opportunities.

At Home With Dick and Jane

An Electric Company Theatre collaboration, the video of At Home with Dick and Jane provides the audience member’s POV as if they were watching a film unfolding…rolled along a track through an interactive room as in the picture below. I had many little concealed speakers and wireless speakers attached to a rolling cart. We went old school with playback devices including CD and minidisc.


Box Opera

A Felix Culpa collaboration, these photos represent a different idea of theatre in the round. Audience members become characters unto themselves observing the antics of two ‘normal’ people living in a box.






A collaboration with Western Theatre Conspiracy, this chilling and highly experimental work provided theatre-goers with a visceral experience of being detained prisoners, complete with uniform, shielded goggles, binaural mix and a freight container to provide them with a sense of isolation, and the uncomfortable feeling of an experience that might just last a little too long.





Live Music and Songs

The productions below highlight some of my ongoing exploration of integrating live and pre-recorded songs into the design using text from the script and coaching actors to deliver. Many productions I’ve been involved in have demanded some kind of live element and/or live, mixed with recorded. This has been a worthwhile challenge and one of balance, not just in levels, but also in identifying the purpose of the recorded and live sounds in the design.

Songs and Pre-Recorded Sound for Mother Courage & Her Children


Musical/Operetta and Pre-Recorded Sounds for an outdoor production called Quasimodo

Performed under the Burrard Street Bridge and presented in partnership with Vancouver Opera and the Squamish Nation

Performed under the Burrard Street Bridge and presented in partnership with Vancouver Opera and the Squamish Nation


Comedic Songs for a variety of theatre and dance environments. The song below, a satire from a Song Book of Protest Songs with Jumpstart Productions in Los Angeles.

A song with French lyric in a cabaret style show for a mixed-language show. Pi Theatre’s Elisa’s Skin.

elisa's skin

The photos below with Dances for a Small Stage in a Cabaret environment.



Bard on the Beach

My ongoing work with Bard on the Beach in Vancouver over the years has challenged me to compose music and design sound for a tent. Subwoofers beneath audience members, speakers pointed in all manner of places, inside and outside the tent…actors performing instruments, rhythmic voice and choral work using the text as inspiration. All have been prototyped. Below are a few examples of the variety of music that have supported transitions, underscored scenes and supported more choreographed moments (All’s Well that Ends Well, Richard II, Merchant of Venice, Henry VI, Elizabeth Rex)





Virtual Stage

The Virtual Stage is an interdisciplinary theatre company pushing the boundaries of what is and what is not reality. Click here  for a short film co-produced by the Virtual Stage for the Vancouver Short Film Festival. The stills below are from our first collaboration. Future collaborations include a combination of live theatre with VR exploring the Oculus Rift in a non-gaming context.







Studies in Motion

Studies in Motion/Electric Company Theatre/2006-2010. Five separate productions based on the life of Edweard Muybridge. 120 Cues. Over 75 originally composed works. Video highlights here. Compositional highlights available here on iTunes: